George Stroumboulopoulos and Joseph Gordon-Levitt discuss the objectification of women

In discussing Gordon-Levitt's latest TIFF film, Don Jon, George asks if the inspiration for the film came from Gordon-Levitt's parents during his upbringing. Gordon-Levitt acknowledges that his parents, and in particular his mother, taught him "to think of women not just as sex objects, even though lots of images in the media are constantly saying that. Certainly not just pornography - perfectly mainstream images."

Olivia Munn Plays 'Heads Up!'

The star of "The Newsroom" and Ellen's BFF played a round of Ellen's fun new game. Watch Olivia "Act It Out" here, and get "Heads Up!" for your iPhone or iPad here!

Ellen: Celine Dion Warms Up

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Olivia Munn Can Beatbox

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